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Game style:
7 versus 7, minimum roster size = 12 registered players

Season can be paid in full by cash/cheque/credit/debit or in 7 equal monthly automated payments by credit card only.

Cheques should be made out to PlayClub Services Inc.

All players must sign the player contract, including spares.

No spares/drop-ins until December of the current season.

Spares must register in person at our desk and play for $15/game.

Minimum roster size is 12 registered, paid players. PlayClub reserves the right to add players to a team if the minimum roster size requirement is not met. Teams paying the Team Fee are not obliged to meet the minimum roster size requirement.

No cancellations or refunds 2 weeks after league start. PlayClub will not reimburse games missed due to injury, vacation, general absence, disciplinary ejections or Acts of God.

PlayClub is not responsible for lost or stolen items on Club premises.