PlayClub prides itself on friendly and fair play on and off the field. We’ve built deep long lasting relationships with our members and every week they pay it forward by playing with unwavering passion and respect.

The game is played on a smaller field and emphasizes skills and passing. There is no offside rule.

All members must commit to PlayClub code of conduct by signing the player contract at the welcome desk.

Players must have played a minimum of 3 regular season games to participate in the playoffs and finals.

Number of Players

The match style is 7 versus 7). A maximum of seven (7) players including the goalie may be on field at any given time. For co-ed leagues, a minimum of two (2) women must be on the field at any given time and a minimum of four (4) registered women must be on each team’s roster. A minimum of six (6) players including goalkeeper are needed to start a match with a minimum of four (4) required to finish a match.


The Ref

Kick Off and Kick-Ins

Match Time




Individual Points

Team Standings