Men’s Hunt

Advanced skill is required for our flagship Hunt league. This league is NOT defined by age but by hunger and strategy.


Co-ed Corporate Strike

Vent off steam and deliver some sizzle with this fun yet challenging co-ed league. Make your own team with colleagues and friends and get your game on.

Co-ed Coporate Strike

Women’s Cougar Time

You’re an old pro of the beautiful game and got skills to show. We’ll deliver the EYE CANDY while you bring on your game!


Couples’ Luck

Friendly recreational drop-in league. Whether your coupling is new or old, test your luck ON THE TURF. Whether solo or duo, the fun is guaranteed!


PlayClub Ice

Learn to show off some serious moves on the ice! Taught by a professional figure skater, PlayClub Ice is the perfect next-step for budding skating stars. Speed, power, technique, musicality and expression plus an end of year “show”. Boys and girls ages 5-12.

PlayClub Ice

Monster Mash
and Teen Sweep

Get the kids running with our Coach-led ball control, skill development exercises and scrimmage to boost their game confidence. Boys and girls aged 5-15.


Fireball (Div 1)

Fancy yourself playing in La Liga, Bundesliga or Premiership? Our Div1 Fireball Competition is stomping ground for slick and fearless players.


Tres Equis (+ 35)

Jacket & tie required. This league is for gentlemen with skills who prefer to keep their cool and show the kids how it’s done. Come as an individual or with your mates.


Women’s Fate

Friendly beginner to intermediate league. Haven’t played in a while and want to get back in the game. Girls night out with lots of camaraderie and chitchat.

Women’s Fate

PlayClub Slam

Get your game on in our very own b-ball league. Fast but not furious, this hoop dream lets players live to tell tales at the water cooler the next day!

PlayClub Slam

Highlights and Standings

League Leader


Our Monster Mashers lead the league in smiles this season!

Top Team


Dynamic Ref Due Gilbert and Lex team up to keep the peace in the Co-Ed Strike League!


And the Beavers take it in shoot outs!! Congrats to all our Cougars for a great season!! ...

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It's going to shoot outs! ...

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Here we go! Who will be the Queen of the Cougars!! ...

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